Create a custom map for a website

Improve the functionality of your website by adding a map to it. Make a Google Map for the location or contact us page of your website easily with our map maker. All you need to do is insert a name for the map, add in your address and then “Copy iFrame HTML code”. Using the various map functions you can also modify the appearance of the map to your preferences. If the address entered does not place the pinpoint on the place you wish, you can enter the GPS coordinates of the exact position you like using the “Coordinates” field.

Change the height and width by entering the pixel size you would like for the map. You can set the width to automatically fit in the space provided on your site by using the “Auto Fit Width” option. Alter the type of map presented using the “Views’” field which changes the map to show road, hybrid, satellite or terrain options. Once you are happy with the map, simply click on the code provided and insert the iframe html code into your website and the map will be presented as per your settings.

Customise Map

Map Title
Auto-fit Width
Embedded map will fit the width of its placeholder.

Copy iFrame HTML code