Journey Planner Map

Find your driving route on a map with this easy to use route planner. Simply follow 3 easy steps. 1: Locate your starting point by using the ‘Find My Location’ option or enter your start in the STARTING POINT field of the journey planner. 2: Use the optional VIA field to travel by a specific location. 3: Insert your final stop in the DESTINATION field and then click GET A ROUTE.


Enter your itinerary information in the form above then click "Find Route".

Plan your travel route

Determine your driving route by entering house number, street address, postcode, town, city or landmark and you will be presented with the route on the Google map with detailed printable directions. In addition to showing you the exact route you need to get to your destination, Google Maps is also a great route planner, allowing you to select the shortest, most scenic and low cost route to a location. You can also change the method of transportation you prefer, to walking, cycling, public transportation or driving.